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The Onawa Public Library raised money to repair the roof of the original library building. Through your generosity we were able to raise $101,000. This along with the City Council's approval of the use of up to $75,000 in TIF money we were able to cover the entire cost of the project. 


As of December 23, 2021 we raised a $101,000 of the $120,000 bid amount. This money included $4000 from Black Hills Energy, $5000 grant from the MCCPF an affiliate of the Siouxland Community Foundation, $10,000 from Vaughn Foods LTD, $5395 from the Friends of the Library Membership extra donations, $2550 from the Friends of the Library, $35,000 from the Onawa Library Advocates Foundation, $5000 from the Kelly Fund, many personal donations, Memorial Brick sales, Basket Silent Auction, and several small fundraisers such as face masks, t-shirts, and candy bars. 


The original roof has proven its worth over the last 112 years but was showing some damage that had to be repaired. The project included lifting the original tiles to replace the underlayment, replacing any broken tile with tile that we had on hand from the expansion project, repairing any soffit damage, replacing the fascia around the original building and any other needed repairs that are found. The City Council also approved a few additional work items such as removing the shingles and repairing the front entryway roof to bring it back to it's original look. We have new lettering for there as well! 


Weathercraft, Co was here! They began work on November 9, 2021 and completed the roof project April 29, 2022.  We are certainly not disappointed in their hard work and attention to detail to repair all the damaged areas correctly rather than cheap and quick! 

 Start Date November 9th, 2021

Completion Date April 29th, 2022


A very special thank you to everyone helping to make this project a reality. On to our next project! Painting the exterior of the windows! If you would like to donate to this project or further upkeep projects just let us know! 


Preservation Architect Report



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